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The fabrics

All Peter Jackson fabrics are sourced from the most respected and prestigious textile producers in the world. With refined production techniques and a distinct focus on the finest natural fibres, our selected mills are renowned and highly sought after for their uncompromising attention to quality and superior construction.
We've developed longstanding relationships with these mills not only because they have a progressive stance on innovation in their craft, but also because they practise working in harmony with nature; through continual improvement in environmental performance and complying with applicable environmental legislations and regulations.

Merino wool

Our suits are crafted from Australian Merino wool that is meticulously cultivated by generations of Australian woolgrowers. We use Merino wool because its resilient natural stretch prevents it from losing its shape. When the fabric is stretched, the fibres natural crimp acts like a spring returning it to its original form. Its durability also stems from it being comprised of a special protein called Keratin. Keratin acts as a barrier, protecting you (and the sheep!) from the environmental elements. With 'Merino Care', our partners at Woolmark.
Make a concerted effort to reduce their environmental footprint by less energy, chemicals and water when producing their world-class wool. We work with Marzotto Group, Marlane, Zignone, Reda to transform fleece to fabric. Combining traditional craftsmanship with technology, these Italian mills have pioneered sophisticated men's fabrics to be softer, lighter and more refined with a focus on constantly improving the performance and functionality of their textiles.
Sheep Shape: From Raw Material
Shear Brilliance: A Day In The Life of a Woolmark Sheep


All Peter Jackson shirts are fashioned from 2-ply Egyptian cotton formed from the rich soil and moist atmosphere facilitated by the Nile River. We use Egyptian cotton because it's substantially longer than regular cotton. This results in more uninterrupted fibres to use for composing yarn and threads; making the threads and eventual fabrics stronger overall as a result of fewer splices. Allowing our textile weavers, Tessitura Monti in Italy and SÖKTAS in Turkey, to turn these extra-long fibres into fine yarn. This gives our shirts a softer and more lustrous finish unparalleled by any other shirting cotton.

We are proudly associated with Tessitura Monti and SÖKTAS because of their fine designing and craftsmanship. Effortlessly weaving Egyptian cotton into intricate yarn-dyed fabrics renowned for their quality. We also support both companies' philosophies of combining exceptional fabrics with environmental sensitivity and responsible stewardship of the biodiversity of the Earth.


All our ties and pocket squares are handmade from premium silk sourced from Italy's city of silk, Como. The ample water supply provided by Lake Como and the mulberry (the silk worm's food of choice) farming in the Po River Valley to the south, provides the nurturing landscape this fine fabric demands.

Our ties are folded, sewn, and saddle-stitched by experienced Italian artisans highlighted by our ties integral internal spine - a trademark of a genuine handmade tie. This internal spine provides a sturdy structure to guarantee our ties always sit in style whilst maintaining perfect shape.


Our linen lines are all organically woven from the fibres of the flax plant, a long and flexible plant that sprouts a single blue flower. These stalks contain the bundles of flax fibres that take it from field to fabric. We source our linen from the Italian Boggi Milano (formerly known as Crespi). For more than two centuries, this Italian mill has been a leader in natural fabrics. Pioneering an all-natural way of producing linen, Boggi finds itself on the cusp between tradition and modernity, mixing age-old practices with cutting-edge technology.

Their linen production is organic from start to finish. Their flax is grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and the material is dyed without relying on commonly used substances such as chlorine and cobalt. Boggi's dedication to delivering organic textiles reinforces our commitment to producing quality garments that are gentle on the Earth.

Our Mills

Learn more about the suppliers that make our garments possible.
  • Suiting
  • Shirts
  • Marzotto


    The Marzotto group is an Italian textile manufacturer, based in Veldango.
    Created in 1836
  • Reda


    Since 1865, Reda has a history of producing fine Italian suiting fabrics, beautifully designed to embody style and elegance.
  • Zigone


    Combining quality raw materials with years of textile tradition - Zignone creates quality fabrics that are all expertly constructed in Italy.
  • Marlane


    Founded in 1815 in Biella, Italy - Marlane is a fabric manufacturer distinguished for its innovation and use of natural fibres.
  • Thomas Mason


    Since 1766, the legendary Thomas Mason mill of England has been known for premier shirtings. Now woven in Italy by Albini.
    Created in 1836
  • Teissitura Monti Italy


    Founded in 1911, Tessitura Monti spa is a producer of quality cotton textiles.
  • Albini Group Italy


    Established in 1876, The Albini Group is known for producing some of the best shirting fabrics in the world.
  • Soktas Turkey


    Founded in 1971 SÖKTAŞ is a specialist desinger and producer of cotton and cotton blended fabrics.
  • Borghi Italy


    Established in 1819, Borghi treat fabric construction as an art form - where natural fibres meet to create the ultimate textiles.