This week retailers in the fashion and interior design industries have joined together to celebrate Wool Week, a global event that commemorates this fantastic fabric for its sustainability, durability and versatility.


Wool Week


First founded in 2010, Wool Week inaugurated its Campaign for Wool by launching a spectacular pop-up on the streets of Saville Row. The normally cold cobblestone streets of ‘The Row’ was transformed into lush green pastures, upon which fifty sheep grazed. This was all with the expressed purpose of reigniting the publics passion for pure and natural wool.
The Campaign For Wool has since received many public supporters and now spans across several nations. One of the lead advocates and spokesman for the campaign, Prince Charles, has contributed to bring public awareness to the benefits of using wool and introducing establishments such as the Wool House and the Wool School Initiative. The Campaign revolves around promoting and celebrating the use of the age-old textile in fashion and interior design. It also seeks to support and grow the wool industry, from farmers to textile producers.



Why Wool?


Wool is an all-natural fibre that has a significantly lower impact on the environment compared to its synthetic counterparts. Not only is it ecologically friendly to grow and harvest, it's resilience as a fabric and adaptability to be woven into any shape or configuration, makes wool a stand out choice for tailors around the world.
At Peter Jackson, we use wool because it helps us produce the very best for our suiting, outer and knitwear collections. The fine fibres in wool have a natural crimp, so when compressed, it leaves microscopic pockets of air. This allows the fabric to breathe, creating a textile that is adaptable to the environment, releasing moisture and odours without compromising the effectiveness of insulation. The use of Australian Merino wool in all of our suiting allows us to provide you with a premium garment that supports the Australian farmers and an industry committed to a sustainable future.



What's On?


As of May 9th, you may have begun to see the Wool Week logo spring up in various locations. To support Wool Week in Australia, Westfield Sydney, Miranda and Doncaster in conjunction with Woolmark, will be displaying installations paying tribute to this terrific textile.



miranda-display -wool-week
Image: courtesy of Campaign for wool. Westfield Miranda Wool week display.



doncaster-display-wool-week Westfield Doncaster display for Wool week



To showcase our support for the Campaign for Wool, we have collaborated with Woolmark to create an installation that pays homage to our Australian heritage and the fabric that makes it all possible. Head on down to our Doncaster store and check out our window of the week.



doncaster-display-window-wool-week Peter Jackson window display celebrating the Campaign for wool.



Don't get fleeced this wool week, discover our AW16 suit collection made from 100% Australian Merino wool.