As Spring starts to dawn on our sporadically sunlit shores, men of Australia undergo a turbulent transition in tailored wear, as everyday, they are posed the: to bring or not to bring (a coat)? Made all the more difficult by the already unpredictable Australian environment (Melbourne we’re looking at you!), sartorial strategist’s look to employ a range of techniques to create a series of trans-seasonal styles to look good while weathering both sun and storm.


Trans-Seasonal Staples


SS08 | Navy Suit | Blue Tie |check Shirt


The first thing you need to know is that trans-seasonal style relies heavily on the staples of menswear. From the navy suit to a pair of neutral cream Chinos, these core pieces compose the versatile backbone of transitional style. While we’re not saying that every man needs fifty shades of blue in his wardrobe, a classic navy suit will work for you all year round.


Shirts, a Sure Investment


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Whether it’s the start or end of the season, shirts are by far the easiest interchangeable investment that can rapidly add to your trans-seasonal style. Transform the Winter Warrior palette and replace muted blues and magentas with vibrant hues of green, orange and teal to draw out your Spring style. Experiment with new cuts, poppy patterns and textiles, like linen, that have both a functional and aesthetic relationship to the hotter seasons.


Tactfully Tactile Textiles


Linen Swatch| Linen | Swatch | Suit Swatch


While we’re talking about textiles, to truly master trans-seasonal style, ensure that the clothes on your back reflect the rise or fall of both trends and temperature. While dropping heavy wools for lightweight linens may seem like a no-brainer, it is more important to invest in textiles that are more adaptable to the shifting Australian climate. Cashmere and Merino Wool fabrics modulate with the fluctuating temperatures, becoming dense in the cold and breathable in the heat. Not only will this save you a pre-season splurge but will ensure that you're never left out in the cold when the weather turns sour.


Trans-Seasonal Layering


SS08 | Navy Suit | Blue Tie | Trench Coat


A good rule of thumb all year round, the art of layering blends both functionality and fashion into a visually cohesive and comfortable look. A good place to start (other than our recent blog on Layering) is to expand on the previous point. Lightweight linens and breathable cotton will not only save on sweating it out in the sun but also gives you breathing room to play around mixed textile tailoring. Just remember, when mixing materials, always lead with your lightest and most muted fabric first. Progressively building denser and more vibrant layers from the inside out will help to avoid a marshmallowing effect around the shoulders and sleeve.


Final Word


While the transitional period between seasons can cause many men to threat, sweat, and fear, by building upon these basic techniques, you’ll be bale to create an entirely new wardrobe, and see your trans-seasonal style flourish. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks and announcements.