Harking back to the days of King Louis XIII, the tie we know today has origins tracing back to the 1600's. Popular belief states that one of the first iterations was adorned both as a decorative and functional piece by Croatian mercenaries. Closely resembling a cravat, King Louis XIII became infatuated with this peculiar piece of clothing. His obsession with this item extended so far as to include it as a mandatory piece clothing for all formal proceedings. This arguably could have contributed to the formal nature that ties hold today.


Since then, the form and function of ties have seen a progressive shift away from formality and now is used to accentuate individuality in menswear. The influx of styles, lengths, widths and materials often makes this cornucopia of choice a burden to many. In lieu of dilemma; we've included a brief overview of this season's ties on trend.




The Knit-picker


Knit Navy Silk Tie


We’ve seen a rise in knit ties in the past 3 years, both in terms of numerosity and fashionability. Crossing the dress code dieline, the knit has become a great way to introduce texture to your tie game, whether you’re brunching it up with the boss or painting the town various shades of red.




Patterns with Panache


Paisley Silk Tie


Many men still avoid the heavily patterned tie out of fear for becoming the workplace clown. With the growing appreciation and desire for individualised work wear, men are starting to revisit the classics and introducing elements of colour blocking and pattern clashing for extra panache. Expect to see a lot more Polka, Paisley and Repp ties around the office.




Slim Pickings


Skinny Felt Tie Navy


Much like a friend that rapidly looses a lot of weight in a short amount of time, the skinny or slim fit tie was often a cause for concern amongst the fashion faithful. However, in recent years, men with a slimmer silhouette have been opting for these streamlined designs in order to create a more proportionate ensemble. As a rule of thumb; match your tie with the width of your lapel.



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