On holiday, we are the best iteration of ourselves that we aspire to be. We take bold leaps, try new things and explore exotic locales. Enthralled with a grand sense of adventure, we are driven to get most out of life and hunger to experience more. The SS16 collection, The Tailored Escape, draws on these elements, communicating aspirational living through a diverse range of boldly patterned suits, vibrantly saturated shirting and powerfully poppy accessories, infused with a rich, sun-soaked palette.


Peter Jackson | Paisley Sports Jacket | Paisley Pattern | Indigo | Sports Jacket | Donegal Shirt | SS16 | The Tailored Escape


Experience the perfect union of comfort and class, as the SS16 range focuses on seasonal tailoring, exploring a diverse collection of soft-constructed and even buggy lined suiting and outerwear, never before seen in a Peter Jackson Collection. Tactile textiles take the range back to basics, communicating the organic and naturally harvested nature of our fabrics. From lightweight linens to pure cotton and Superfine Australian Merino wool, the breadth, and diversity of our tailored wear has something for everyone for any occasion.


Peter Jackson | Linen Suit| Brenton Stripe | navy | The Tailored Escape | SS16


Let the hues of high summer wash over your sun-bleached skin as the SS16 range of corporate and casual wear delves into a vibrant collection of curated colours derived the latest European trends. Interpreted into a palette indicative of the Australian tropical landscape, SS16 explores lush emerald, mint, and forest greens, supported by bountiful navy, indigo, violet, and sunkissed orange hues.


Peter Jackson | Windowpane Sports Jacket | Windowpane Pattern | Indigo | Sports Jacket | Donegal Shirt | SS16 | The Tailored Escape


Complete your seasonal sartorial arsenal with SS16 reimaging of the contemporary Sports Jacket, interweaving heavily patterned textiles with broad, punchy lapels. Complement the rise of corporate casual wear and begin pairing with our most ambitious collection of accessories yet, from pop art pocket squares to fanciful feathered lapel pins.


Peter Jackson | Windowpane Suit| Prince of Wales Pattern | navy | The Tailored Escape | SS16


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