As we descend deeper into the cold clutches of winter, the art of layering is set to undergo another renaissance, as the dapper denizens of Australia trade out their tees for turtlenecks and trench coats.


While layering is neither a foreign or particularly new concept, it has become a key focus for the fashion industry in recent years. At its core, layering is the act of building a structured, multi-layered look, starting with a base, middle and outer shell. The main difference between ‘layering’ and just throwing on an old jumper, is the intention to create a cohesive look, while avoiding the comparison to Mr Poppin’ Fresh.


Below discover the key elements of creating a top-notch layered look.



Layering from the Ground Up


how to layer knitwear for winter peter jackson menswear


Between coats, jackets, jumpers, shirts and the plethora of styles, fabric and weights, creating a cohesive and stylish look can sometimes become a daunting task. Save yourself a massive headache (and potentially a severe case of hypothermia) by thinking about the where, when and why of what you’re wearing.


Layering is a functional fashion statement that is often dictated by the weather – Garden parties in the middle of winter call for mulled wine, woolen knits and big overcoats (you can find some here).


Foire into Fabrics


how to layer jackets for winter peter jackson menswear


As each new layer gets added to an outfit, fabric clashing can often become an oversight even the most seasoned seasonal strategist can omit. This is not to say you shouldn’t mix fabrics, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Homogenising fabric or colour can lead to devastating, denim-clad results like Justin and Britney’s appearance the 2001 AMA’s.


Instead, work with complementary tones and textiles while separating your layers through texture. As a rule of thumb, if you're going to use multiple layers of the same colour, start with the lightest shade at the base and work backwards.


The Marshmallow Effect


Puffy Layering


Traditionally worn by sailors, cable and heavy knit jumpers have seen an unprecedented rise in popularity in the past couple of years. While good news for the arctic explorer looking to blend in, this has also resulted in many men stuffing heavy knits under their tailored wear, causing undue stress to the seams and structure of the jacket.


Over layering can also create a 'Michelin Man-like' form. Instead try layering with a thin, but dense pullover made from natural fabrics like cashmere or pure wool – If it can keep a goat or sheep alive in the mountains, it’s good enough for us.



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