With such a diverse selection of styles, cuts, colours and patterns (and that’s just the suits), we’ve decided to put together a list of the six key pieces of the AW16 collection.




Peter jackson leather monk strap shoe


1. The Monk

The perfect intermediary between the world of fashion and formality, this Single Monk has some serious style. Set yourself up as an arbiter of taste as people gaze upon the rich transition from the burnished toe to the fine styling and make of this Italian leather shoe. With a pure calf leather upper and all leather interior, this is a shoe that has been built with comfort and longevity in mind.


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peter jackson double breasted york suit


2. The Statement Piece

For the man that’s a little bit of the old school style, the York double-breasted suit pairs a powerful cut with a powder white Pin Stripes. Taking the best of the classic style and remixing it with a modern fit, the York leaves you with a suit exuding the magnetism and charisma of Michael Cane.


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Peter jackson madsen wool suit


3. The Modern Classic

Taking inspiration from the old and weaving it into the new is the mark of the modern man. The Madsen suit takes the theme of reinvention and runs with it, creating a bold but versatile number that draws upon some of the finest elements of the 1950's. The mix of a fine copper Prince of Wales Check with the debonair three-piece ensemble is just as at home in an office as it is galavanting around town. Seamlessly slip out of work and into a martini in mere seconds.


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4. The Military Man

The Military Man knows who he is and stands resolute in his convictions. He does not moan about the weather or boast about his indifference to it. He is a practical man that is always prepared for the worst while hoping for the best. The Navy Pea Coat is a staple of menswear that always manages to find it way back into even the most hardened of hearts. It functional, durable and most importantly, it looks damn good.


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Peter jackson_blue_jersey


5. The Layered Look

There’s something to be said about the man that’s in touch with his softer side. Our jumpers, constructed from 100% Australian Merino wool, provide a soft, durable pullover that is perfect for creating that layered look this season. Literally brighten up your day-to-day as you draw a strong contrast between the gloomy grey weather and this rich teal knit.


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AW16 greatest hits_prince of wales dress shirt


6. The Poignant Pattern

When restocking your wardrobe it’s always easy to pass on getting a new shirt, it’s even easier to pass on something that’s not just another shade of an Oxford.

A Prince of Wales Check may sound a bit much on face value, but this classic pattern has been seen with the best of them. Its intricate design and structured style will add an element of intrigue to your shirt game.


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