When the sun’s beating down and you’re feeling the pressure of a 30 degree heat, summer suiting may be the thing furthest from your mind. But while temperatures and tensions are high, summer suiting represents the more playful side of tailoring with some of the most exciting innovations in wool, cotton and linen.


Below we’ve comprised a list of 3 key styles to turn the tide on summer sartorialism, so you can get the most out of your summer suiting.



Bank On Blue


In the early 20th century, Time Magazine published an article that would forever change the public perception of two different colour groups; blue for boys and pink for girls. While we have learned to embrace and even welcome pink into their wardrobe, our affinity and loyalty to the colour blue has never wavered. So much so that the navy suit has shirked its black and charcoal counterparts to become on of the key component of the modern man’s sartoiral arsenal.


Pin Stripe Suit | Peter Jackson


While we love a inky navy suit, there’s something to be said about exploring the much broader blue palette, especially when things are starting to heat up. Summer suiting essentials for 2017 calls for the exploration of lighter or more complex blues.


Peter Jackson | Blue Check Suit


Opt for lapis or royal blue shades in lighter, more breathable designs. Save on mid-afternoon sweating and seek out buggy or half-lined jackets. These will create a lighter and more flexible garment that organically contours to your frame.


Try breaking up suit jackets and pants into separate pieces. Pair blue jackets with earthy browns, or forest greens for flair. A simple pairing of blue pants with a crisp white bankers shirt can be a classic combination when it gets too hot for layers. Throw on a knit tie and press down with a tie bar for extra brownie points.



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Thurman Stone Blue (left), Amies Iridescent Blue (centre), Morgan French Blue (right)


Summer Statement Piece


The essential non-essential; the summer statement suit throws subtlety by the wayside and charges full speed into bolder patterns, entrenched in a richer palette with more dynamic contrast. Checks begin to throw their weight behind wider Windowpanes and mixed toned Multi-Checks, while stripes become more prevalent and defined.


windowpane check | Peter Jackson


While it can be daunting to think of pattern pairings for these suits, the statement piece can give you the opportunity to really have fun with pattern clashing and colour blocking.


The core tenant to follow with pattern clashing is to work to scale. If you have a broad Windowpane check on your jacket, try to make each layer’s pattern reduce in size and severity.



summer suiting | statement suit| grey suit | Peter Jackson | Tailoring summer suiting | white suit| neutral suit | Peter Jackson | Tailoring summer suiting | check suit | blue suit | Peter Jackson | Tailoring


Thurman Pewter Plaid (left), The Stark Suit (centre), Thurman Shadow Check (right)


Tactile Textiles


Largely, we all still think of suits as made mainly from wool or synthetic blends with little consideration to cotton or even linen as viable candidate for our workplace wardrobes. While these often overlooked fabrics were once held as, at most, smart casual, the growing trend of relaxed and deconstructed tailoring has renewed the image of these tactfully tactile textiles.


The Bearded Villain | Interview| Peter Jackson Blog | summer suit | denim shirt


Maximise your summer suitability and try out a cream or neutral linen. While the rustic texture alone, is reason enough to consider this suit, the lightweight, breathable nature of the fabric make this a summer suiting must-have for the savvy sartorialist.


Knit Tie | Cream Cotton Suit | Blue Linen Shirt | Peter Jackson


With the rise of casualisation in the workforce, we now have the opportunity to explore new textiles, designed with cooler colours and softer neutrals. Pair cream or navy cottons with emerald accents and burnt orange hues.



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Collegiate Cobalt Check (left), Amies Sand Twill (centre), Thurman Birdseye Blue (right)