With less than a week left on our advent calendars and the festive flurry of end-of-year sales in full bloom, you can be excused for feeling like you've knocked backed one too many glasses of Grandma's famous (and potent) holiday eggnog.


To help alleviate any Christmas conundrums and usher you into the new year with summer centric style, we've created a comprehensive guide breaking down the best of our Half Year Summer Sale.



Sun Smart Satorialism


blue blazer | blue suit | Peter Jackson


A refreshing take on summer suiting, this season's range of linen, cotton and pure Merino suits draws inspiration from European summers, blending fashion and functionality through smart summer tailoring and light gauge materials.


Explore the vibrant range of suits, now up to 60% off select styles.



Major Blazers


linen blazer | blue blazer | Peter Jackson


Set 'sale' for summer with our expressive collection of sports jackets and blazers, constructed from the finest linen, cotton and cool wool fabrics. Delve into a deep summery palette, and discover a plethora of summer centric patterns, from the contemporary Check to the nautically inspired Regatta Stripe.


Shop savvy with up to 60% off select Sports Jackets and blazers.



The Inbetweeners


cotton shirt | Egyptian cotton | peter jackson | stripe shirt


Always a solid investment for the new year, our collection of 2-Ply Egyptian Cotton and linen shirts have been designed with summer in mind, with bold Stripes, Checks and Florals at making their way into the spotlight. Explore an intense array of summery colours, and liven up your new years wardrobe.


Make the most of our multibuy markdowns and snatch up 2 shirts for $150.



Getting a Leg Up


Chinos | Cotton Pants | Peter Jacksons


Take tactical advantage of our Half Year Sale and invest in the best, with heavy markdowns on all cotton and woollen pants. Bolster your summer staples with our colour-rich collection of Chinos, made from a breathable cotton frame and styled with a rolled cuff for that summer spin.


Double down on style with 2 Chinos for $150 or 2 pairs of Woollen Trousers for $200.



Summer Silks


silk pocket squares | pock square | Peter Jackson


Trade out the tacky tie this Christmas and shop our curated collection of pure silk ties. Whether you're playing to the classics or looking for something a little more contemporary, our collection of Checks, Stripes, Florals and Knits will have you soaking up the sun in style.


Stock up for summer with any 2 Ties for $89.



Summer Sale Essentials


Man-Gift Guide | Peter Jackson Gift Guide 2016


Step up your summer style and accentuate your Beachcomber best with our eclectic mix of lapel pins, cufflinks and pocket squares. Bursting with personality and a vibrant array of patterns, these small accessories are sure to go a long way.


Diversify your look and enjoy 20% off select Accessories.


Shop the full Sale.