With Spring Carnival right around the corner, we’ve put together a guide explaining the dress codes and trackside trends to take you from a race day rookie to a style stallion.



A Dapper Derby Day



Easy to do, hard to master, Derby Day calls for a throwback to monochromatic dress, seeing black and white combinations flood the field of fashion.



Avoid the parallel to a colony of penguins, and kick your look off with a subtly patterned black suit. Pair with a clean, pressed white shirt - preferably a textured weave - and flourish with steel and copper toned accessories.


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For that 'first over the line' feeling, substitute your standard white shirt for a French Cuff. Garnish with a pair of punchy cufflinks and finish with a blue floral lapel pin for an homage to Derby Day's official flower.



Manning up for the Melbourne Cup



Shirking the black and white shackles of Derby Day, Men of the Melbourne Cup are asked to express themselves through an array of vibrant colours, bold patterns and creative couture.



With a less defined dress code, Cup Day presents men with the opportunity to explore the dapper side of dandyism, playing with mixed pattern suiting, pastel hues, and playful pocket squares.


For the pared-back punter, swap out pattern clashing combo's with soft toned suiting and a crisp, pastel oxford. Wear with a polish pair of brown leather brogues and flourish with a floral tie and tie bar.



Oaked Finish



Traditionally known as Women’s Day, Oaks style calls for a greater focus on florals, entrenched in an intense wash of pastel palettes. For suiting, stick to the blue spectrum, working with indigos and navies for a contemporary take on the race day classic. For maximum punting panache, lapis or French blue hues communicate a bold but masculine take on the day's theme.



Let the power of the flower unlock the loftiest of race day styles with a striking silk tie and pocket square combination. Wear against mauve, fuchsia and pastel orange shirting to bring high spring back to the racetrack.



High Stakes Style



Get the most of the Stakes Say sun and splash out for a linen or cotton suit. The breathable fibres in the fabric allows for maximal comfort as you sport one of the most fashionably casual looks on the field.



Accessorise the neutral and cream tones with splashes of burnt orange and emerald green, to infuse a tropical spin on the race day classic.



Wear loose collar or throw on a knit tie and lapel pin to kick you race-day dapperness into overdrive.



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