We now live in the age of accessibility, where shoppers are just a click away from an entirely new wardrobe. While shopping can now be done from the comfort of your own home (or bed for that matter), there has never been a more challenging time to find the right fit, especially for men’s tailored wear.


To help you purchase your wares with confidence and bravado we’ve created a guide on how to buy a suit online.



Measure Up


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In an ideal world, menswear sizes would be standardised across the globe, however due to a plethora of styles, cuts and cultural perceptions on what defines a small, medium or large (yes Japan we’re looking at you), this is a dream that will never come to pass.


While knowing your US, European or UK size, will help for buying tees and pants, when buying a suit online, you’ll want to purchase with surgical precision. Getting measured (a service we provide) is like seeing your GP, a follow up every six months ensures that next season’s wardrobe accommodates any changes to your physique, should it be good or bad.


Getting measured is only half the battle, take note and store your details somewhere safe (We like to use our phones). Having continual access will allow you to make informed purchase decisions online and secure the size that’s right for you.



Try Before You Buy


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A suit is an investment in both time and money. Just because you’re buying online doesn’t mean you have to do everything in one go.


While virtual reality is starting to make a comeback, we probably have a while to wait before we can digitally try on clothes. Until such a time, it is important to understand the difference between slim, tailored and skinny fit.


For those that prefer ogling their clothes online, a quick trip into a store can be a valuable reference tool for all future purchases. While you’re there be sure to reward yourself for the journey with something special, a new pair of shoes perhaps?



The Final Fit


How to buy a suit online | tailoring


We understand the excitement of getting a new suit; even after years of working in menswear, we still get that rush when the suit lining touches our skin for the first time. But before you grab your keys and paint the town various shades of red, be sure to make a quick stop to your trusted tailor for one final fitting.


While the idea of sending your new suit off to be altered can often bring on pangs of separation anxiety, the often short process of adjusting the hem or the cuff can turn an already amazing garment into a fantastic feature piece with bespoke-esque styling.


Remember, while online shopping is a great tool for the masses, the sartorially smart shopper understands that a little more time is needed for the greatest return in dapper dividends.


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