Formerly a part of every man's mundane morning tradition, the fresh water shave has become more like a distant memory than the societal standard it once was.


The Rise and Fall of the Bearded Battler


Bearded Man | Suit | Unkempt Beard


With the rise of casualisation in the workforce, the growth (pun very much intended) of the bearded gentlemen, was an inevitable phenomenon. From celeb's to street style, the untamed beard was (and in some cases still is) seen to cross every dress code, from black tie gala to back alley bar. The once unforgivable transgression of an unkempt beard has begun to blur the lines between fashion and formality, introducing the bushiest of beards into the biggest of boardrooms.


Now past its peak, the 'mountain man chic' look is all but out of oxygen as style icon's and the general populace alike, opt for a cut a little closer to the grain.


Ain't Misbe-shavin'


Nick Wooster | Brown Suit


Fret not denizens of the burly beard, we're not saying that your facial friend should or even will be put to the blade (at least not entirely). For maximum manly gravitas, the trend to look for is a more tailored touch. The reintroduction of the morning shave might seem arduous at first, but you'll be sure to fall in love all over again when your beard is sculpted into manly masterpiece. See your local barber for a more sophisticated and curated grooming solution and create a sharp contrast between your face and fuzzy counterpart. If you're ever in doubt about styling your bearded buddy, channel your inner Wooster and attempt a well kempt moustache/stubble combo.


A Cutthroat Business


Fresh Water Shave | Adam Moore | Men + Co | Kelvin Club


The relationship between a man and his barber was often one steeped in a rich heritage of solemn silences, the occasional Scotch, and (if you were a regular) a little bit of light banter. The barber of today blends the best of the old school and introduces elements of the contemporary to provide you with a more modern experience.


Kelvin Club | Melbourne


Take for example Men + Co barbers in Melbourne, who in recent years have tripled their number of barbershops due to a rise in demand. Our recent trip with winner of #tailoredbyPJ, Adam Moore, to the original shop (located in the Kelvin Club) saw us introduced to Sammy Bouayad, a veteran barber of 25 years. As you would have expected in the glory days, we were offered a dram of whisky to accompany one of the finest shaves you can experience.


While many may seek to sustain their soup straining beards and mouth scratching moustaches over the colder seasons, the cultural climate of summer calls for a reintroduction man's other best friend, the razor.