If you're anything like us, the new season spurred you into a creative frenzy; gutting your weekly wardrobe to make room for a new collection of winter-centric clothing.


But before you hit the streets and start your pre-season splurge, have a gander at our breakdown of the biggest trend for 2017: Relaxed Tailoring



What is Relaxed Tailoring


Like many trends that capture the interest of the modern Australian man, the rise in popularity of relaxed tailored garments is due largely to trickle down effect of Italian tailoring and the popularity of sprezzatura (or "effortless") style found on the streets of Pitti Uomo.


Relaxed Tailoring | Tailoring Trends 2017 | Winter Tailoring | Green Blazer


Referring to the internals of a suit rather than the function of the garment, relaxed tailored suits are often made with significantly less padding and lining. The intention behind this is to create a bare-bones approach to tailoring and construct a much more organic frame. This creates a natural drape, allowing the garment to fall and contour closely to your silhouette, without restricting movement.


Home Advantage


Other than greater flexibility in fit, one of the core advantages of relaxed tailoring is its adaptability to seasonal style and your surrounding environment. Breathable buggy and half-lined construction allow the garment (and your pores) to breath freely, which give the garment more flexibility to be used knits and lightweight layering without bulging at the arms.


Relaxed Tailoring | Tailoring Trends 2017 | Winter Tailoring | Grey Blazer


How to wear it


The great thing about relaxed tailoring is the sheer versatility of the look. Whether you're looking to reinvent your corporate couture with soft shoulder construction suiting and sneakers or sprucing up your casual combinations with a buggy lined blazer, the ability to add or subtract layers of light fabrics gives you much more breathing room for dressing the way you want.


Relaxed Tailoring | Tailoring Trends 2017 | Winter Tailoring | Navy Blazer


2017 relaxed tailoring calls for broader and bolder strokes, incorporating elements of Pitti Uomo blended with street-style influence. Invest in a more relaxed fit sports jacket or blazer and contrast with indigo denim, a white tee, sneakers and a devil may care attitude.


Relaxed Tailoring | Tailoring Trends 2017 | winter tailoring | Grey Blazer


For the corporate crowd, play up the progressive shift to a casualised workforce and merge your office and weekend wardrobes. Pair deconstructed blazers or soft padded sports jackets with chinos to get that relaxed Friday feeling, every day of the week. Be sure to log (mentally or physically) combinations that kill and create defined weekly wardrobe. While you don't have to go full Steve Jobs, studies have found that uniforms can greatly improve productivity and workflow.



This unconventional stance on suits, sports jackets and blazers has sparked a renaissance in tailored goods, with many men now seeking to redefine their look.


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