Returning for the 45th year to the sunlit streets of Florence, Pitti Uomo yet again brings the best of Italian street style for what is fast becoming the trade show of the year. This season, passionate Pitti-goers forgo hyper-dandyism and focalise on Sprezzatura style as the crux of outfits.


Sprezzatura; the art of effortless style, has in past couple of years, rapidly shifted from a simple style code to a growing fashion movement, with elements now translating into a way of life. Somewhat of a misnomer; "effortless style" refers to the nonchalant presentation of your outfit, which can be easily achieved with a bit of patience and careful coordination. In this article take a look at three of the key pocket square trends found at Pitti Uomo 90, so you can start introducing Sprezza-styling the Pitti way.


Clean and Simple


Basic Fold | Flat Fold | Pocket Square | Pitti Uomo


Before basics even existed, the 'Presidential Fold' walked the earth as the single greatest companion for men's jackets around the world. Favoured at Pitti for its elegant simplicity, the three or four step fold, utilises clean, uninterrupted lines to subtly introduce a new or pattern to spruce up an ensemble. If your fold begins to spray, on the corners, that's ok too. Sprezza-style often introduces itself by accident.


The Pitti Puff


Puff Fold | Pocket Square | Pitti Uomo


While not originating from Pitti Uomo, the Puff fold has been a long standing classic of conservative and dandy dresser's for many years now. Easy to make, difficult to master, this fold often finds itself being tweaked in some way to fit the wearer's persona better. Follow the basic fold then make subtle pulls and pushes to add some volume to the puff. Remember, Sprezzatura is about communicating a natural and organic style (even if you spent hours on it!) - Small imperfections will make, not break, your look.


Going Off Road


Ruffle Fold | Pocket Square | Pitti Uomo


Not technically a fold, the 'off road' approach to pocket squares creates a chaotic contrast to the clean and sober look most suits project. To master this fold, let go of your ideas of structure and stability, and start stuffing. Grab a corner/centre/anywhere of the pocket square and stuff, press and pull it from every single direction. The golden rule here is to spend only a couple of seconds on each attempt. Working with larger pocket squares will the look more volume and make for a more magnetic centrepiece.


Introduce a spritz of Pitti's sprezzatura style with one (or more!) of our pocket squares, completely constructed from pure Como Silk.