As we approach our 70th year as a fashion label and venture further across Australia, we decided it was about high time that you get to know a little bit more about Peter Jackson.


Where It All Began


Peter Jackson Photo


The brand's origin story harks back to 1948, when the original Peter Jackson, opened up a humble barbershop of Little Bourke St with his siblings. While initially just a barbershop, the family started to expand into the menswear market, selling small accessories and ties. This sowed the seeds for the first full collection and evolution into a fully-fledged menswear brand.


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Putting It All Together


Design board


At Peter Jackson, we are constantly working to develop new and exciting designs, made from the best possible textiles and materials. Our passion for finely tailored garments is both influenced and derived from a regimented design process. Heavily grounded in research, our design team looks to current and past trends in fashion, cultural movements and all facets of design, to inspire and create our seasonal collections.


Explore our design processes, philosophy and what it takes to for a Peter Jackson garment to go from concept through to creation.


Our Labels Explained


Peter Jackson Orange Label


With a heritage of more than 60 years’ experience in men's fashion, we have learned one key fact: no one man is the same. From size to build to personal preference, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible fit. This is our why our range of suits and shirts are split into two separate labels; The slim-fit "Orange Label" and the tailored cut "Black Label".


Get down to bass tacks and discover the key differences between our two labels.


Mills & Production


Milled silk


What we put into our garments is an integral part of our business, which is why we only work with the best. Peter Jackson is proudly partnered with some of the world leading textile producers, combining technology and tradition to produce premium quality fabrics. We strive to work with the best natural resources, from Italian silk to pure Australian Merino Wool. We do this not only because it is a sustainable practice, but because it produces the best possible garment.


Explore the journey of our fabrics and learn more about what it takes to be part of the Peter Jackson collection.


Sustainable & Ethical Retail


cotton field


At Peter Jackson, we strive to lead the way in the ethical and sustainable trade. We believe that responsibility starts at the top, which why we partner ourselves with suppliers and producers that are closely aligned with our values and ethos. We will always seek to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure we partner ourselves with companies that are dedicated to working in tandem with the surrounding environment.


We also believe that ethical retailing is just as important at home as it is international. We will always strive to provide our local team the best possible work environments, seeking to foster and grow their future men’s fashion.


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