Tracing its roots as far back as Ancient Egypt, linen is one of the oldest known fabrics with an eclectic history that spans back over 4000 years. Get to grips with this tactile textile and see why this fabric is made for summer in our men's guide to linen.


Men's Guide to Linen | History of Flax | Peter Jackson


Time-Tested Threads: The History of Linen


Prized for its versatility in hotter climates, linen is an all-natural fabric made from stalks and fine fibres of the flax plant. In the Victorian era, the labour intensive process of pulling and not cutting the flax plant, established linen as a luxury fabric, sought after by the upper echelons of society. With the introduction of machine harvest in the post-industrial era, flax has become more readily available and is now favoured as one of the most resilient fabrics for beddings, upholstery and fashion.


Men's Guide to Linen | Linen Blazer | Peter Jackson


Featherweight Champion: Why We Use Linen


Our linen lines are all organically woven from the finest fibres of the flax plant. The long fibres a woven to create uninterrupted sheets of fabric that is dyed and stitched into a bountiful array of colours, patterns and textures.


We use linen because it is perfect for the production of summer tailoring. The lower thread count of the fabric creates a much more breathable and comfortable garment in hotter climates. Flax also has a high absorbency rate and is naturally hypoallergenic, which means you won't have to worry about sweat breaking down the garment fine fibres.


Men's Guide to Linen |Origins of Linen | Peter Jackson


The Linen Landscape: Where we get our linen


Sourced from the nourishing landscape of the Lombardia region, we work exclusively with the TBM group, one of Italy most prestigious names in fabric production. Blending age-old practices with cutting-edge technology, this mill is able to produce the highest quality linen fabrics while mitigating their impact on the surrounding environment.


Men's Men's Guide to Linen | Linen Prince of Wales Blazer | Peter Jackson


The Men's Guide to Linen Tailoring


While falling in and out of vogue in the past 4000 years, the linen of today has become a staple of summer-wear, with linen blazers and suits seeing an unprecedented rise in popularity in menswear.


To master this seasonal style, lean into the rustic nature of the fabric with a relaxed take on summer tailoring. Soft-tailored frames with half or deconstructed lining allow the fabric to naturally contour your silhouette, create a much more casual aesthetic.


Complement the return to earthier neutral palettes and create some contrast in your blazers with a colourful pocket square or pattern blocked shirt.


Explore our summer centric collection of tailored linen blazers, shirts and pocket squares.