While December is the time of trees, tinsel and tipsy Santas, you can be excused for grimacing at the thought slogging it through another year Christmas Sales.


To help alleviate your pre-Christmas woes, we've created a quick, budget-friendly, mens gift guide to take your present-giving prowess to new heights.


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Bite Sized Buys


Between friends, family and workplace proximity associates, Christmas can be a costly time of year. While your first instinct may be to splurge on loved ones, the art of giving a great gift doesn't have to leave you sweating it out in summer out of fear of the electricity bills.


Keep things simple and bag up a couple of gift into a well present gift pack. Matching accessories make for a compelling gift that shows you put in a little extra thought than a solitary silk tie.


Tip: Treat your friends like a thief treats their mark: Eye them up and look for opportunities and see if there's anything missing in their outfits. If nothing can be found, bring them along to 'help' you shop for someone else. This is the perfect opportunity to see what items steal their attention.


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Mid Sized Marvels


When shopping for friends and families, it can be hard not to rely on gimmicky gifts for an easy pass on seasonal expectations. While a Christmas sweater in the heat of summer may seem like a laugh, a new pair of shoes is much more likely to stand you in good stead for the new year.


Opt for function before festivity and brighten up their summer with a lively linen shirt. If you're playing the long game and want to get see some real wear from their gifts, swap out the linen for an Egyptian cotton shirt to help bolster their trans-seasonal staples.


Tip: Keep your ear to the ground and make note of what your friends are saying. Gift ideas can come from the most unlikely of places, and an off-hand comment can often lead to a superior gift that's sure to win their favour.


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The Big Gesture


Generosity and Christmas go hand in hand, and while not necessarily better, splashing out on something unique can make all the difference in setting yourself from the gift-giving hoard.


Help friends and family carry their swagger into the new year and set them up for summer with a handy holdall. For the well-informed gift-giver, try instead for a new sports jacket and blazer to complement their summer wardrobe.


Tip: When buying tailoring for others, always be sure to scope out their measurements. If you're not sure what size they are, ask around and see if their partner or pals can help you out.


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