Returning again for its fourth consecutive year, the Leaps and Bounds Festival brings with it a new wave (some even from the genre) of Australian artists performing in and around Melbourne's inner city. The festival celebrates the Melbourne's thriving music scene through a diverse collection of events, performances and pop-ups for music lovers of any persuasion.


Below we've compiled our top three picks for some of the most soul-satisfying music you can experience in this year's Leaps and Bounds Festival.

Crushing It at the Copacabana


Copacabana International | Brazilian Dance Club


Swinging from the chandeliers every Sunday of the festival, the B# Big Band will take up residence at Melbourne's horndoginest home of Latin Soul and Swingin' Jazz, the Copacabana International. Ponying up the $20 entry will get you a wild and wonderful experience, as the B#'s blast their contemporary take on some of the slickest Swing to hitting the shores of Melbourne. Splash out for an extra $5 for a 45-minute crash course on the basics of swing dancing, so you can turn heads as you take to the dance floor.

The Brunswick St Beat


Fitzroy | Grafitti | Brunswick St | Soul Fiesta


On the 9th of July in partnership with the Leaps and Bounds festival, Brunswick street will undergo a metamorphosis, as over 30 venues, bars and businesses open their doors to celebrate Soul music in all its grandiose glory. The 'Soul Fiesta' will see the streets Fitzroy transform into a cultural and culinary hub, boasting a broad range of events, food trucks and pop-ups available for the active adventurer. The event kicks off at 2:00pm but best to head on over to the Leaps and Bounds events page to get the most of this sumptuously soulful day.

The Trio That Makes Leaps and Bounds


Andrea Keller | Andrea Keller Trio | Andrea Keller Quartet


Sidestepping around from the brilliant but boisterous sounds of swing and soul, three-time ARIA Award winner Andrea Keller, will be taking jazz aficionado's and don'ts on a mystical journey through the wonderful world of modern jazz. On the 9th of July, the Trio will transport listeners through Andrea's prolific body of work, showcasing the full breadth of her skill as a pianist and composer. Playing host to this amazing evening is Melbourne's home to bebop and alternative jazz, the Uptown Jazz Cafe. Tickets are yet to be announced, so if you jive off jazz, be sure to pencil this in for Saturday the 16th of July.