Whether you’re on a business trip to Brazil or air dropping into the Bahamas for your best friends wedding, the potential pitfalls of travelling by land, air or sea, presents many dangers to the garments of the well-tailored traveller. To keep you looking sharp from landing strip to hotel lounge, we've whipped up a quick guide with 4 tips on how to travel with tailoring this summer.


Men's leather suit bag | How to travel with tailoring guide


1. Find a Trusted Travel Companion


Spend less time scouring the country for a reputable dry cleaner and more time sightseeing by investing in a suit bag made to travel. A hardshell or leather stowaway will protect your garments from cuts and abrasions, while significantly reduce the impact of creasing.


Made specifically to protect your suits from the terrors of travel, our chocolate leather travel bag seeks to consolidate your corporate and casual luggage into a single, intuitively designed frame. Collapsed, the bag unrolls to reveal a series of several compartments, dedicated to separating your tailoring from the rest of your transit needs.


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Men's Loafers | How to travel with tailoring guide


2. It's Ok to Loaf Around


Alleviate your aviation woes and take a pair of slip on soles when crossing through customs. Not only will this give you the ease and freedom to slide your shoes off when mid-flight cramps take hold, but will also save you time on random spot checks when going through airport security.


Men's Casual Tailoring | How to travel with tailoring guide


3. Keep Calm and Carry On


Whether it's for a week or weekend, business or pleasure, locking down your luggage to the bare essentials can help keep your items in carry on. Not only will you have less things to lug around on your holiday, but you'll also able to avoid the cripplingly slow cues at when checking in.


Take the tip of frequent business flyers, and try to combine clothing that crosses the line between casual and corporate-friendly wardrobes. If a blazer and chino aren't likely to get a look in at the office retreat, try to incorporate soft constructed tailoring as a more casual slant to on and off-the-clock suiting.


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Men's travel bags | How to travel with tailoring guide


4. First in Last Out


For business trips, it's important to look your best. Plan out what you're going to pack then layer your items by priority. Keep your shoes and casualwear rolled up at the bottom, then work backwards to shirts and tailoring. If you've got a little more room, pack a portable steamer for spot cleaning and a last-minute press.


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