This week we raise a glass to two things we can't live without; food and beer. Starting today, Melbournians will collectively loosen their belt buckles for Good Beer Week. The festivities will see Melbourne’s best bars and beer barrels out in full force, flogging craft beers, culinary delights and creative ways to consume them.


Events are scattered all around Melbourne and have been divvied up into separate categories for beer enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you’re a family, foodie or hardcore hop-head, the breadth of beer-based events will have something for everyone.


Below we’ve cherry picked the crème of the 'hop', selecting three of our top events for your culinary consumption.


Gabbin' Over Good Beer


GABS Market Place - Peter Jackson Blog


The Great Australian Beer Spectacular (GABS) is the Mecca of this year’s Good Beer Week. Showcasing 120 different beers, 10 separate ciders, games, cooking shows, food stalls and the Dan Murphy Marketplace, the GABS sets itself up as a crowd favourite for families, friends and beer aficionados alike.


The event starts on the 20th and spans across three days, with afternoon and evening sessions. Punters looking to explore the treasure trove of beers, ciders, and stalls, will need to shell out $36.00 for General Admin online or $42 on the door. Groups of 5 or more receive cheaper tickets, so get your mates together evening you won’t forget… hopefully.


For more information on tickets, dates and times, head on over to the GABS website.


'Orientbeering' Made Easy


Bar Crawl - Peter Jackson Blog


Navigating a bar crawl can be difficult at the best of times, especially as the night progresses. This Good Beer Week, organisers have partnered with The B.East, to introduce the week long Orientbeering event. Described as “orienteering but with beer”, the event sees five venues on Lygon St open their doors to intrepid individuals bearing a ticket, giving them exclusive specials for the entire week.


For $60 a head, the intrepid orienteer will receive a map, a pass and free reign over all specials at the five corresponding bars. Bar Hop-pers will also receive a take home VIP membership to Thunder Road Brewery giving you all the perks for the Growler Club.


Explore the venues involved and grab your pass here.


A Trunk-en Garden Party


Trunk Restaurant - Peter Jackson Blog


In 2007, when Trunk first opened its doors, it was quickly adopted by many Melbournians due to it's bounteous beer garden. Taking advantage of their lush locale, Trunk and Bridge Road Brewery have teamed up this year to bring you the Trunk Garden Party; an evening of burgers, beers and brewery based trivia.


After fronting the fee of $35 a head, partygoers will be rewarded with one of Trunk’s mouth-watering Wagyu burgers and four pots of Bridge Road’s finest. We could not think of a better way to wrap up a lazy Sunday.


Grab a couple of mates and make a weekend of it.


For more boozy beer based festivities head over to the Good Beer Week website.