No longer just a nine-to-five noose, the modern relationship between a man and his tie reflects a progressive shift away from the perception of corporate control, bringing colourful silks and intricate patterns back into corporate and even casual combinations. With increased demand on this dapper accessory, we've decided to break down what it is exactly that makes a great tie and why five fold ties are a menswear must-have for the new season.


When deconstructing a great tie, there's three core elements to look at, the fabric, the lining and the way it's constructed.



Spun from Greatness


All our ties are handmade from premium silk sourced from Italy's city of silk, Como. The ample water supply provided by Lake Como and the mulberry farming in the Po River Valley to the south provides the nurturing and nourishing landscape for the silk worms that are required to make this fine fabric.


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The Silver Lining


While unseen, the internal lining is an integral part of what gives a tie its shape and drape. Cheap polyester internals give the tie a cardboard cutout aesthetic, so be on the lookout for anything unnaturally straight. Take your neckwear up a notch and opt for natural linings or five fold ties, which cut out the need for lining by doubling down on the fabric used.


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Five Fold Ties


Using two additional fold and twice as much fabric, the advantage of five fold ties is that they blend the inner and outer shell into one whole piece. Unlike inserts, this creates the perfect balance of fabric, which helps to create the perfect knot.


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Bolster your seasonal style and accentuate your urban armour with our eclectic range of colour rich collection five fold ties online and in-store.