The Armoury


Armour up and batten down the hatches, Peter Jackson’s leading the charge with a new range of life proof looks inspired by classic military styling.




The Trench Coat


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One of the mans oldest and most reliable styles, the Trench Coat owes both its name and reputation to the officers of the first World War. Originally invented by Thomas Burberry in 1879, the body of the Trench is constructed from a fabric called gabardine, a water-resistant weave constructed from a tightly woven thread. The design was then patented in 1888 leading to Thomas Burberry becoming the sole producer of the Trench for the armed forces.


Our two styles cross between the classic Phillip double-breasted cut, equipped the iconic gun flap and epaulet shoulder features, and the modernised Indri, a single-breasted variant featuring a vented back, longer drop and waist belt. Both styles come in taupe and navy palette bringing versatility to your wardrobe.


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The Pea Coat


navy pea coat peter jackson


The military might marches forward as we reintroduce well-loved menswear classic, the Pea Coat. Unlike the Trench, the history of the Pea Coat is murky at best. While some believe the initial design was first conceived in the Neverland’s, there are many who attribute the garment to menswear manufacturer, Camplin, who in 1850 sold the coat to Petty Officers in the Royal Navy. Whatever the story, the Pea Coat rose through the ranks in both the British and American Naval forces, going through many iterations before it was adopted into the nurturing arms of the fashion faithful.


Paying tribute to this resilient staple of menswear, the Hunter Pea Coat comes locked and loaded with a dense navy or charcoal woollen weave, fine leather detailing and fitted double-breasted cut. Erring closer to the original design, the Hunter opts for a 5 button drop to shield you from the harsher elements. The design itself has the versatility to breach both casual and formal occasions making it an essential for this season’s wardrobe.


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Modern Minimalism


Contemporary cuts, slimmer lines and longer drops, Peter Jackson draws inspiration from the modernist era to create garments with form and functionality at the forefront style.




The Germany Overcoat


black germany coat peterjackson menswear


Closely resembling the frame and build of a Covert Coat, the Germany looks to reimagine the bulky overcoats of the past, with a minimalist design. While it’s counterpart was originally used by British gentry for horse riding and traversing muddy terrains, the Germany drops the green and khaki outer, opting for an elegant black finish and fashion forward frame.


With a slimmer fit and minor tapering at the waist, the Germany is the ultimate piece for the modern man’s arsenal. Discreetly hidden buttons and a vertical drop create a streamlined silhouette, elongating the wearer and broadening his shoulders. The thick shell lends itself to a standalone piece, worn on top knits, shirts or even just a tee.


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The Theory Coat


theory mens coat peter jackson


With frame somewhere between a Pea Coat and Macintosh, the Theory creates a unique shape that lends itself to an active lifestyle. Opting for a half calf drop, the coat allows for unrestricted movement, giving you the freedom to tackle whatever your day throws at you.


Taking a more utilitarian approach, the Theory overcoat is fully loaded with an arsenal of pockets and a thick woollen shell. The vertical cut gives a little more breathing room to act as a shield for your favourite work suit – making layering a breeze. Featured in both a charcoal and navy, the subtle check pattern encroaches on the casual side of things, however, is just at home in the boardroom as it is in a bar.


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