Spring Carnival represents a unique time for the Australian fashion scene. Both men and women are put under the microscope and critiqued for their ability to deliver some of the season's boldest and most creative looks. The expectation of a cohesive outfit is made all the more difficult when travelling with a companion, which is why we have created a couple of pointers for coordinating with your counterpart.




Spring Carnival Coordination



Coordinating with your counterpart can sometimes feel like pulling teeth, in particular for those that like to dress for the limelight. Be ready to compromise and work in tandem to create that cohesive style.


When it comes to partnered pairings, be sure to downplay heavily patterned suiting and accessories. Too much and it can start to look like a Jackson Pollock (unless that is what you are going for).



colour wheel


Start by complementing the primary colour in your partner's ensemble. Matching exactly is an easy way to turn trackside tailoring into a tacky cliche. Instead, work within the complementary colour spectrum and infuse your look with a subtle stripe or tonal check. This is the best way to ensure equal distribution of the outfit adulations.


Accessories give you a little more flexibility so try your hand at a contrasting colour to really elevate your Carnival Couture.



Race Day Wingmen




Why let couples have all the fun? Introduce double threat tailoring into the mix, and work with a mate for a coordinated combination that stands out from the pack.


While Navy may be many men's go-to colour for Spring Carnival suiting, this is the time of year when you can diversify your palette and explore a broader spectrum of race day staples.


two guys whoite


Delve deeper into a seasonally styled palette and let your double threat tailoring explore rich indigo, powder grey or French blue hues, complemented with an array of pastel tones. Keeping to the same colour spectrum can create a tonally rich tailored aesthetic, just be sure to individualise each look - less you be compared to a pack of clones.


For the bold, make a strategic statement and throw pattern clashing into the mix. While your patterns and suit styles may differ, try to introduce a recurring feature colour to tie it all together.



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